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BookSharp Advantage Platform (BAP) is a community driven network dedicated to helping our members Find, Action, Share and Track Advantage Gambling (AG) strategies. Our members take advantage of high value offers from Bookmakers, Casinos and Bingo sites to bring home huge profits.

The Big Idea

The Gambling industry is cut-throat and extremely competitive. Many Bookmaking, Casino and Bingo companies are willing to make a loss on the initial sign up of new members and in getting existing members to deposit and place bets with them. These offers are so good and occur frequently enough that many people are able to make a full time living taking advantage of them.

For a detailed look at Advantage Gambling, check out What is Advantage Gambling?

What BAP Offers

BAP offers a range of strategies and a suite of tools to help you scoop up bonuses, reloads, special offers and expected value plays. Members have access to all offers and strategies on our website and use of the Advantage Platform Application for Windows.

On top of that, our members are constantly coming up with new ways to take advantage of gambling offers with varying degrees of profitability and risk. These ideas are shared across the community with open discussion and review.

See the full Platform Overview for more information.

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