No Advantage Gambling (AG) strategy is completely free of risk. No offer, promotion, incentive or bonus from any gambling company is a completely safe bet. We will always face the possibility of our gambling funds being lost to any bookmaker, casino or bingo account. Until you have withdrawn your money from these accounts you cannot be certain that the money will be yours.

It is imperative that any money you invest in AG is money you are prepared to lose. Never risk money you need to pay your bills, rent, mortgage or any other expense. Money making in AG is by its very nature speculative and although the vast majority of our members bank significant profits month on month, no single member is safe from the variance that affects all aspects of gambling. Ensure that you fully understand the concepts of Expected Value and Variance before undertaking any AG strategy.

Along with the financial risks, there are the potential scheduling and user calculation errors. Forgetting to place bets, staking the incorrect amount and betting on the wrong markets are a few examples of such errors. Use of tools such as BAP can aide in reducing these kinds of mistakes but does not guarantee they will be completely avoided. All BAP members should double check the calculations, stakes and liabilities associated with any AG trades. All members are responsible for ensuring that they fully understand the mechanics and risks of placing any AG trade.