Platform Overview

Welcome to the Platform!

My name is Jason. I built the BookSharp Advantage Platform (BAP) and continue to develop and maintain it. I hope our community, strategies and tools help you in reaching your money making goals. When you’re ready to jump in, you can download the latest version here.

A Bit About Me
I got involved in sports trading and betting over 10 years ago and have been hooked ever since. My previous careers in software development and networking consultancy alongside earlier education in Physics and Maths have given me a mix of knowledge and skills useful in tackling the many challenges that arise in Sports Trading and Advantage Gambling (AG). I’ve had the pleasure of working on the development of software solutions for analysis of sports data, modelling and prediction, trading interface development and automation of trading strategies. Several of these ventures have brought me home a decent amount of money but all have paled in comparison to the AG strategies I now use everyday to bring home a full-time income.

The Platform
When I began researching and using AG techniques I was stunned by how many opportunities present themselves each day but quickly discovered that keeping track of my betting accounts and AG trades in spreadsheets and notebooks was untenable; I was wasting a lot of time backtracking and planning the next trade.

I built the platform from the ground up to meet all my trading needs. I wanted somewhere to store, action and track every detail of my betting. I wanted to minimise the amount of time spent planning and calculating, and wanted as much automation as possible so that once a trade was actioned my input was rarely needed and reminders would be sent when it was. From the outset I also wanted to build something that other people could use. A network of people sharing their strategies and offers they find can be far more powerful then one man acting alone.

What the Platform Offers
The platform is comprised of two main components: the website and the network.


The Website

The website is the starting point. It hosts all the training material and a forum to discuss overarching themes and raise any queries. I recommend that members watch all videos and read all  training material provided in the Training section before investing any money in their own AG trades.

The site also acts as a stripped down version of the BAP software client. Members can view all offers and see all Matched Betting, Each Way trades and Accumulators on the site on their mobile devices if they are away from their PCs. The Matched Betting Calculator and Odds Converter are also available here.

The Network

The BAP software client plugs members into the main network and contains the full suite of BAP tools.  From the client, members can:

  • Find and Share high value offers
  • Action, Track, Rank and Discuss offers
  • Track sports betting accounts and funds
  • Use the Matched Betting Calculator and Odds Converter
  • Integrate with Google Calendar for reminders

Watch the setup video to see the network in action.

AG Offers and Trades

Integral to making money with AG is finding offers and using them on good matched bets. BookSharp constantly scans 28 bookmakers 24 hours a day to generate Matched Bets, Each Way trades and Accumulators for use with AG offers. We collect millions of price points a week and maintain an up to date list of matched betting trades you can take advantage of any time day or night.

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