What is Advantage Gambling?

Advantage Gambling (AG) is a collection of techniques used to take advantage of sign up offers, initial deposit bonuses and ongoing promotions from Bookmakers, Casinos and Bingo sites. The gambling industry is so competitive that these companies are willing to take a financial hit to get punters through the door. Believe it or not, by offering these great deals, they are offering you the edge!

The trick is knowing where to find these offers and figuring out when they provide a positive expected return (or expected value). Check out the following example of exploiting a Bookmaker’s Free Bet Offer.

A Classic Example

Bookmaker “SportsCash” is offering a sign up bonus on their website: “Sign up today: Bet £30 and get a £30 free bet.” The terms and conditions state that the initial £30 bet must be on a Football 1X2 market with odds of 1.75 or more. Using a crafty AG strategy,  BAP members will place a Qualifying Bet and then a Cash Out bet to extract around 80% of the free bet into pure profit. Here’s the setup:

The Qualifier

BAP member Jerry signs up with the bookie and deposits £30. He logs into BAP and uses the matched betting tool to find a football selection for that evening. SportsCash are offering odds of 4.00 on Red FC to win a match and the lowest Lay odds on Betfair are 3.90. He plugs the numbers into the BAP Calculator and notes that this is a decent qualifier. By backing the team at the bookmaker and laying it on Betfair he is set to lose 39 pence – the only cost in getting a £30 free bet.


He backs his selection at the bookie for £30 and lays it on Betfair for £31.17.

After the match, Jerry logs into his Betfair account and can see that the team “unfortunately” lost the match and he has been credited £29.61. On the Bookmaker site he has lost his initial £30 stake but now has a nice £30 free bet to play with.

The Cash In

Jerry logs back into BAP and uses the matched betting tool to find another football selection for the next day. Once again, he finds a good selection: SportsCash are offering odds of 6.0 on Blue FC to win a match and the lowest Lay odds on Betfair are 5.9. Jerry switches the BAP calculator to “Stake Not Returned” mode and can see that he will cash in £24.36 no matter the result:


Jerry places the bets on the bookmaker site and with Betfair and waits for the match to finish. Taking into account the initial 39 pence loss, Jerry has made a healthy profit of £23.97 from a few minutes work.

In The Wild

Although the above strategy is relatively straightforward, it can take a few reads to get straight in your head. I strongly recommend that all new members run through the Getting Started guide to make sure no one gets stuck or overwhelmed with applying AG techniques in the wild.

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